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Troubleshooting & General Support

  1. “Channels (0, 1) Have Invalid Recording Device.”
  2. "Low sound levels have been found across all recording channels!"
  3. Capturing Debug Information
  4. Display Case Information in Windows Explorer
  5. Liberty Recorder is Windows 10 Compatible
  6. What to do if you can’t hear audio during playback.
  7. This waveform-audio format is unsupported by your audio driver.
  8. You are currently running a evaluation version. You are on day 'X' of your 60-day trial period.
  9. Mirroring cannot be completed because of the error: Access to ... was denied.
  10. Specified device identifier is out of range for your system.
  11. The Recorder cannot begin to record because there is a problem with the location of the mirror file.
  12. There are no ASIO devices on your computer.
  13. Mirroring cannot be completed because of the error: Disk full while accessing ...
  14. Undefined external error.
  15. The program cannot open the "ASIO 2.0 - ESI MAYA44USB" device.
  16. There are no video capture devices on your computer.
  17. Recording was aborted due to the error. // The program has stopped creating data.
  18. An unknown error occurred while accessing...
  19. You must use a local path for the new file.
  20. Channels (all) have invalid recording device.
  21. Recording was aborted due to the error
  22. The program cannot open the "AudioBox ASIO Driver" device.
  23. Use the latest version of the program
  24. Burning cannot be completed because of the following error
  25. Exporting your Liberty Court Recorder Configuration Settings
  26. Exporting your Liberty Meeting Configuration Settings
  27. Liberty Meeting Recorder Toolbar Missing from Microsoft Word
  28. "The sound card has not initialized properly."
  29. "...ASIO driver device supports no more than 2 channels"